What is the Classic Division?

The Classic Division is a complement to our modern day time table and fleet. It offers a selection of aircraft spanning over 6 decades from the creation of SAS in the late 1940's to the 2000's.

The Classic Fleet

The classic fleet consists of aircraft types representing various eras in SAS history. Longtime SVA pilots will find some old favourites now returning, alongside other types not previously used in SVA.
You will find a varied selection of aircraft ranging from the Short Sandringham flying boat and the immortal Douglas DC-3 to the Boeing 767.

Depending on interest and availability of suitable flight simulator aircraft, the classic fleet will evolve over time. Each and every aircraft that is phased out by SAS will be transfered to the Classic fleet.

The Classic Flights

When flying for the Classic Division you create your own flight, by freely choosing your departure and destination airports (as long as one of the airports resides in Scandinavia). Also you freely can choose any aircraft. (provided the aircrafts' range and runway requirements are met)

Unlike the regular SVA, we do not provide a fixed time table the same way as for the modern day flights. For historic SAS time tables check the provided link.

How It All Started
The year was 1946

SAS was founded on 1 August 1946 by Det Danske Luftfartselskab A/S (DDL), Det Norske Luftfartselskap A/S (DNL) and Svensk Interkontinental Lufttrafik AB (SILA) from Denmark, Norway and Sweden respectively.
Initially the plan was to establish a Nordic air route to the United States. Preparations for that had started already in early 1940, but had to be postponed when Denmark and Norway were occupied during World War II. The initiative was restarted once the war had ended.

The first SAS flight was made on 17 September 1946 with a Douglas DC-4 on the route from Scandinavia to New York. Routes over the South Atlantic to Uruguay and Brazil were opened two months later.
At first, only Atlantic flights were included in the agreement between the three companies. European operations were merged in 1948. In Sweden, SILA merged into AB Aerotransport (ABA) in 1948. In 1951, all the overseas and European units were merged and the SAS consortium was finalized.


Classic Division Resources

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