Welcome to Scandinavian VA
What is a Virtal Airlines?

On this page we will try to decribe the 'virtual airline' concept as well as Scandinavian VA.

Let us start by explaining the basic idea of a Virtual Airline. Instead of just flying around in FS9, FSX or P3D (despite being fun, it gets boring after a while) we provide you with a goal: Earning time and meet other pilot! You are expected to perform your flights, and report them to us, watching your log and statistics getting filled with time.

So why Scandinavian Virtual Airlines?

Our basic goal is to facilitate our members with the best possible tools to enjoy their hobby and, secondly, to increase the online traffic (using a online client) in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.
We believe that there is a demand for a high quality VA that communicates with it´s members, after all, the members is the VA. We like to consider ourselves as a sort of flight sim community where you can share your ideas with other flight sim enthusiasts.
In other words: learn more and have fun!

What it takes,
or the right stuff!

Since we aim to simulate a real world airline we have some rules to play by. As you already have understood, a VA is not the place to be for those of you mostly interested in exploring the lower aspects of G-forces or those of you who tries to save a few bucks on the hairspray account by always flying inverted.
We believe that the audience for this VA (that would be you) is interested in making the flights by the book and on the numbers! Of course there is also room for fun, just join in on a Sunday evening and fly online on VATSIM or IVAO with us!

Join the Scandinavian VA!


In order to let everyone play by the same rules, we have the following very few guidelines, make sure to read them before signing on with us!

  • All flights are "self-assigned", using the SVA Time Table.
    SVATT-NG contains more then 2.000 real SAS flights
  • All flights should be carried out and logged with the Flight Recorder (FR). The FR is a SVA tool and is only available for SVA members.
  • When planning a flight, you can choose each and every aircraft from the fleet, provided it fits the runway and distance requirements
  • All pireps should be reported using SVATT-NG, our flight planning and reporting tool
  • Due to our database and pirep sctructure, no flighttime from previous VA engagements can be transferred to SVA.
  • But above all, when flying for SVA: Make sure to have fun!