Together we keep this virtual airlines running

Since 1998 I'm involved in managing the Scandinavian VA.
During this more ten 15 years period I paid most of the bills to keep this Virtual Airlines in the air.
Over these years I have invested several 1000's of euros, for server rent, subscription to our forum software and other expenses.

I didn't mind paying the bills because, like you, I enjoy this hobby and hobbies cost money. Nevertheless in order to provide our members with a responsive and reasonably fast web site, last year I (more or less) was forced to rent a Virtual Private Server because a shared hosting environment simply wasn't not good enough anymore.
Moving to a VPS provider meant however that the cost increased considerably. Currently I pay each year between 400-500 euro to keep this VA running and that becomes a little too high.

Therefore I'm asking our members to support the Scandinavian VA with a donation so we all pay a piece of the pie.

You can donate any amount by clicking on the PayPal 'Donate' button:

Be advised:  Since the donation had to be connected to a credit card, the donation is made to mail-at-ewdrenth-dot-eu (me). Thank you for you contribution, Egbert Drenth